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April 05, 2022 The Here and Now Podcast with Dave Monds Episode 90
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Show Notes

The cognitive revolution in psychology began in the mid 20th century and supplanted behaviourism as the dominant theoretical paradigm explaining human cognition and behaviour which continues today. We explore the origins of cognitive psychology, what it has revealed about the workings of the mind, cognitive maps and mental models, why it is like a computer but not like a computer, neural networks, and why despite great advances, it fails to capture the totality of what it means to be human.

Show notes

Cognitive psychology - E. Bruce Goldstein  (2018)
Cognitive psychology and its implications - John Anderson (2020)
A common neural code for similar conscious experiences in different individuals - Naci et al. (2014)
Bang! You're dead - Alfred Hitchcock (1985)
Edward Tolman
George Miller
Donald Broadbent
Kenneth Craik
Saul Sternberg
Acts of meaning - Jerome Bruner (1993)

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