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Structural Power (Power III)

August 19, 2020 The Here and Now Podcast with Dave Monds Episode 39
The Here and Now Podcast
Structural Power (Power III)
Show Notes

In part three of power month we explore the postmodern conceptualisation of power as existing within the institutions and structures of society. Rather than something held by individuals, power is intangible and diffused throughout our social norms and values. We consider how this line of thinking came to be and what it means for our understanding of power in the modern world.

Master-slave dialectic - Hegel
Power - the dialectic of control and class structuration - Anthony Giddens
Jean Francois Lyotard (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Foucault: Power is everywhere
Philosophize This! podcast by Stephen West
Kant's social and political philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
What is the sociology of the body - Bryan Turner (1997)

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