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Individual Power - (Power IV)

August 26, 2020 The Here and Now Podcast with Dave Monds Episode 40
The Here and Now Podcast
Individual Power - (Power IV)
Show Notes

In this final episode of the series on power we consider the power of the individual. We explore Nietzsche's 'will to power', Adler's theories of individual psychology and the social contract of Rousseau. We bring French and Raven's power bases back to the conversation and consider the ways in which power traits vary in individuals. We conclude by linking the individual and the group through the need to belong as theorised by social identity theory.

This journey through various philosophical and psychological conceptualisations of power ultimately asks you to question your own worldview and to look for the unseen in the social worlds we inhabit.

Show notes

Nietzsche’s Concept of the Will to Power
Alfred Adler – Power and Social Feeling
Introduction to Rousseau – The Social Contract
The Bases of Social Power – French & Raven (1959)
Social Identity Theory

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